Pandemic to Possibility

Developmental Psychology, Organizational Psychology, Psychology

What just happened! Our world is undergoing a battle-response towards nCovid pandemic. So far, there has been more loss than rescue. The...
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Part 2 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to succeed in 3 marriages!

Psychology • 4 Comments

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can appreciate his/her/its own beauty or perceive a sense of worth until it has been...
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Part 1 : How to be an Adult? – Steps to develop a Signature Presence

Developmental Psychology, Psychology • 4 Comments

Adulting is a process of constructive development of self. This is beyond buying furniture, having a health insurance or quitting smoking...
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Back to Simplicity

Developmental Psychology, Psychology • 2 Comments

Dieter Rams is a famous industrial designer who is revered world over as someone with unparalleled astuteness in design and an equally...
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Repair Vs Change

Psychology, Social Psychology

People respond differently to crisis, especially if it affects what they believe in or hold dear. These beliefs and ‘realities’...
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Developmental Psychology, Psychology

It is not the world that is mysterious. Rather the way we view it makes it mysterious. In these last few months humans across world...
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